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  • Jayne

Thinking outside of the box

What a glorious day it is as as I wrote this.

I don't know about you but days like today, especially after the greyness of recent times, feel like days full of hope, of possibility and perhaps even of new ways of seeing things. The latter is sometimes the hardest of all, so easy is it to get into a rut in our thinking and seeing as years go by. It's as if our little box and all its thought contents is the only way to see and respond to the world and unless we are well practiced at thinking outside of the box then our perspective solidifies over time.

With the newness of spring especially in these strange times, a year on from the first lockdown and just as the beginning of the end being in sight, perhaps we are in a good position to think outside of the box more than we normally would. We have after all spent a whole year discovering new ways of doing things and of reflecting on what we can do without. We have rediscovered gifts and talents that have lain dormant, found new ways of connecting with people, thought deeply about nature and her recovery and found joy in kindliness and service. These are all excellent platforms for thinking outside of the box and long may we continue to explore these themes.

Earlier on this morning I read some spiritual poetry, as is often a part of my devotions, and was delighted by the inspirational words of the poet Chelan Harkin who has wondrous mystic insight. She has an incredible gift for stripping away the boundaries of our ‘in the box thinking’ and this morning's poem didn't disappoint. Her poem, which explores three statements about ‘the worst thing we ever did’ spoke volumes to me. I suggest that if only we only thought outside of the box on these three, surely our entire lives would be transformed.

Here are some snippets from that poem.

“The worst thing we ever did was put God up in the sky out of reach…”

“The worst thing we ever did was take the dance and song out of prayer…”

“The worst thing we ever did is pretend

God isn’t the easiest thing

in this Universe

available to every soul

in every breath"

What glorious inspiration for helping us to think beyond the narrowness of our human perspective.

You will find the full poem (along with a whole host of other stunning poems) in ‘Susceptible to light’ by Chelan Harkin.

Blessings, Jayne

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