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  • Jayne

Reflecting on lockdown

It all feels very different from the last lockdown for which we had glorious weather, lighter nights and we were able to get our and enjoy nature a little more. In many ways it seems more difficult and with the global news we see each day, definitely more gloomy. In times such as this it is important to remember that this worldly view is not the only view.

From a spiritual perspective very many believe that this is a time of transition, that the pain the world is going through right now is the breakdown of the old ways that are no longer relevant or aligned with a vision of a fairer and more equitable world for all. As new life is formed and nurtured in the darkness of the soil, or in the womb, so are new ways of living and being formed in the darkness of these days. Whoever thought that the environment could show such significant signs of recovery as it did in the last lockdown. Who knew that kindness could spread faster than the virus as whole armies of people, often complete strangers, came forward to help deliver food and medication, offer telephone support and all other kinds of help to those in need. This is the new life that is beginning to peek through the soil and our job is to watch out for it, notice where it happens, give a voice to it by pointing it out to others. Maybe you have been on the receiving end of this emerging culture of kindness and hope, if so, share this with others to help their awareness that there are tender shoots of new life. As we help others to become aware of this 'greening' we are indeed doing our small part to 'midwife' the process.

This is not to shy away from the hurt, pain and grief that people are going through, most importantly this must be given a tender space for people to heal. But if we hold that space knowing that in every cycle of nature on earth, light and new life will always follow the dark days and at the core of our spiritual journey never way this more abundantly shown forth than in the story of Easter. As we emerge into the season of life and light may we remember the lessons of the darker months that we might play our part in ''midwifing' a better, greener and fairer world for all.

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