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  • Jayne

Lent Course - The Contemplative Call

This year we will be repeating the course we attempted to do at Bethesda Methodist Church last year but only managed 2 weeks before stopped in our tracks by lockdown. The course will now be offered online in Wednesday evenings at 7.30.

Each session will begin with discussion and after a break will conclude with a period of contemplative silence. The course will run for 6 weeks as follows;

Week 1 - The Contemplative Call... The depth dimension of Christian Practice

Week 2 - Standing in a tradition... The contemplative call through church history

Week 3 - Christ a the Centre... The qualities of Christ centered contemplative practice.

Week 4 - The path as a way of life... Practice and practical aspects

Week 5 - Where does this lead.... The ongoing life of the mystic.

Week 6 - Questions and Answers...further resources

If you would like to do some pre course preparation we recommend the book 'Answering the Contemplative Call' by Carl MacColman but this is not essential reading.

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