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Julian of Norwich coming to Winchcombe

Revelations of Divine Love, a medieval book of Christian mystical devotions, is the remarkable story of Lady Julianna, a fourteenth century Christian who received sixteen revelations from God whilst on her death bed. She observed God and understands and is present in all things. Remarkably she recovered and wrote down her experiences to share them with everyone.

Churches Together, comprising four churches in Winchcombe, - St Peters, Encounter, St Nicholas, and the Methodist Church, dramatized these remarkable revelations into 10 instalments with a view to broadcasting on the internet last autumn. However, successive lockdowns delayed recording, not once but twice, so this has been postponed until the government lifts the current social isolation regulations permitting actors from our churches to meet.

All being well the pandemic will permit everyone to be in the same room in the spring allowing all ten episodes to be recorded, and broadcast.

In the meantime hard copies of the script are available at cost For further information please get in touch

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