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Exploring the Contemplative Call

This year I am offering a six week course entitled 'Exploring the Contemplative Call'. This course is ideally suited for (but not exclusive to) house groups who would like to explore together this 'depth dimension' of the Christian faith. It is available on Zoom (preferable) but could also be a face to face meeting.

No preparation is necessary however if you would like to do some reading before hand then I recommend 'Answering the Contemplative Call' by Carl McColman which provides an excellent background to some of the subjects we will cover. This reading however is by no means essential for attendance on this course.

The six sessions will last approximately 1.30 mins with a brief break. Each session will involve teaching, discussion and a brief time of practice in which the main practices of the contemplative path will be introduced.

The sessions will cover the following themes.

Week 1 - The Contemplative Call... The depth dimension of Christian Practice

Week 2 - Christ a the Centre... The qualities of Christ centered contemplative practice.

Week 3 - Standing in a tradition... The contemplative call through church history

Week 4 - The path as a way of life... Practice and practical aspects

Week 5 - The divine feminine... Exploring the feminine nature in contemplative spirituality

Week 6 - Further resources...Question and Answers, further reading and companions along the way

Further information on the themes can be found by browsing this website.

Any questions please get in touch via the contact page.

Blessings, Jayne

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