• Jayne

Answering the Contemplative Call

Our community has recently been reading 'Answering the Contemplative Call' by Carl McColman. We were totally in agreement with our acclaim for this book. It is aimed at those just starting out on this path and indeed it uses the metaphor of a Journey to describe the stages that unfold as one commits to and engages with contemplative practice. He explores ideas such as what provisions will be needed for the journey, who your companions might be, where the path begins and where it might lead. It is the clarity and simplicity with which McColman writes and is so appealing and the ease with which he leads the reader into the deeper matters of the soul. There is also an excellent, wide ranging, bibliography which includes some of the great classics of mystic writing.

Our membership comprises beginners and seasoned travellers and we all thought that this book provided an excellent grounding for understanding how one indeed might answer this particular sense of call. We thoroughly recommend it.

It is available in paperback and on kindle